Ignite Corvallis 3 proposals

The deadline for proposal submission was October 13th, 2010

The final lineup will be selected on Thursday, October 14th.

Ignite Corvallis 3 is November 11th, 2010. Visit Ignite Corvallis for more information about the event. You can still submit proposals after the deadline, but preference is given to the proposals submitted before the deadline.

For information on attending Ignite Corvallis 3, visit the Ignite Corvallis Website.

Submitted Speaker and title


Kirk Shimeall — Healing the Hero: working with veterans with PTSD


Chris Nordyke — Inside the mind of a Techno-Gadget Freak


Rebecca Rapple — The Language of Optimism

Stewart Myers — How to really screw yourself at a traffic stop

Cynthia — Why I Collect Art...and why you should, too.


Carl Niedner — Creating the "We, Not It" Company

Scott Smith — Stuff or Knowledge

Justin Vail & Peter Bunce — Memoirs of an accountant......or two

Kevin Duell — How the World 'Really' Works: Collaboration vs. Control

Misty Lambrecht — Wait Google, I need a kitchen sink!

Larina Warnock — From NIMBY to CMBY

Reiner Bohlen — Health Care Reform? Not Really...


Jessica Stanley "The Rocket Queen" — Cougar attacks, what YOU need to know to live!

Loyan — Dogs and WAGS

Ron Sparks — Confessions of a Web Designer

Bruce Christensen — They are killing themselves with shovels


Arian Kulp — So much information, so little knowledge


Lisa Wells — Born with Feet not Wheels: on the hazards of walking


Jerry W. Saveriano — History of Innovation in the Willamette Valley

Nadine Grzeskowiak — Is your food killing you?


Kathleen Hutchinson — Car Talk for Chicks