Ignite Corvallis 4 proposals

The deadline for proposal submission was October 21th, 2011 at 5:00pm

The final lineup will be selected by October 24st (possibly sooner).

Ignite Corvallis 4 is November 10th, 2011. Visit Ignite Corvallis for more information about the event. You can still submit proposals after the deadline, but preference is given to the proposals submitted before the deadline.

For information on attending Ignite Corvallis 4, visit the Ignite Corvallis Website.

Submitted Speaker and title


Ron — When passion meets talent: How I made a micro documentary

Jackie Shaw — Quick Tips for the Professional - Organizing space, stuff, ideas, and time.


Carl Niedner — Peeing My Pants in the Performance of My Duties: Service Culture and Innovation Culture


Nadine Grzeskowiak — Benefits of buying local

Aaron Allison — Extend any Software or Data Source to your Smart Phone with MofuMobi

Sean O'Brien — The Value of Space


Misty Lambrecht — Are you Smarter than a Coastie?


Reiner Bohlen — Start-Up Lessons Learned the Hard Way: A concise guide to making more interesting mistakes than we did…


Jenn Nyberg — A Little Crack is Good for Everyone

Frank Hall — High Performance Teams


Wendy Kincade — Learning to Speak Giraffe: An Introduction to Non-Violent Communication

Tamra Tilton — Full Body Reboot


Jason Silvestri — Confessions of a Failing Entrepreneur


Davey Whitney — Don't be a fool, be cool.


Luna Jaffe, CFP, MA — Money and Creativity


Jeff Silverman — Confessions of a Class A Solicitor


Rodney Keeling — An Idea For Ideas