Born with Feet not Wheels: on the hazards of walking


A story of walking the Williamette Valley, July 2010: blisters, rashes, giardia, trucks, cars, roadside art, animals dead and alive, burritos, nuns, rivers, ferries, money rolling out of doorways, small towns, big towns, fruit pickers, sherpas, distance, sidewalks, soft shoulders, shade, and sun.

Lisa Wells

Affiliation Live Well Studio

Born in suburbs of LA, I spent years wandering the globe to eventually find a home in Corvallis, Oregon. I live in a big purple house, I own 2 yoga studios and one dog. I’m raising teenage boys and the house might just survive, although I hear the boy’s literature teacher feels sorry for me. My husband is a soil scientist. Dirt is our friend.

I love places. The only way to really know a place is to spend time on it, to walk, run, dance, sit, cry, laugh and be in a place over and over again until the place becomes your friend. My creative work is a work of presence and documentation, reminding us human animals that we are a natural part of the natural world.