How the World 'Really' Works: Collaboration vs. Control


You were brainwashed, subtly conditioned to believe everything in the world acts like a machine, that you are in control. This is a misconception, one with expensive consequences. Though it’s not your fault, you’d be wise to correct it.

In the ‘real’ world, everything happens through unimaginably elaborate collaborative efforts. This upends most predominate theories of management, economics, politics, even design. Help guide the world back to a rationale that fits not just machines, but the natural world they came from, including us.

Kevin Duell

Affiliation Green Dragon Consulting

Born in the Willamette Valley, I’ve been a consulting engineer for 17 years, most recently in the energy efficiency realm. My wife is the goddess incarnate. I love trees – they are like kin to me. I believe that irrationality is the only rationality, and magic is the only reality.