Risk Perception and Communication


When working with technologies that could pose a high (perceived) risk to the public, it is important to understand how people view risk and make decisions. In this presentation I will give examples of how common tasks or technologies that seem like a low health risk are actually high, relatively speaking, and vice versa. In addition to exploring the human psychology behind risk perception, I will also provide some lessons learned from the nuclear industry on how to effectively engage the public when speaking about technologies that have a high perceived risk.

Kent Welter

Affiliation Self
Website http://www.kentwelter.com/

Dr. Kent Welter received his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from Oregon State University. He as worked as a nuclear safety professional for the U.S. government and private industry for more than a decade. Dr. Welter current leads the safety engineering group at NuScale Power, which is working to commercialize small modular nuclear reactor technology.

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