Full STEAM ahead for Oregon kids!


Across the country, schools and parents are coming to recognize the urgent need to dramatically increase student achievement and attainment in K–12 science, technology, engineering, art & design, and mathematics (STEAM). Regardless of the path they choose after high school graduation, all K–12 students can benefit from a rigorous and relevant STEAM education. Unfortunately, many school districts can’t afford to offer the range of classes necessary to provide the maximum benefit. The past few years has seen an explosion in the availability of free resources for learning STEAM-related skills, along with the free and open source tools to make use of them. One fun way of promoting these skills both inside and outside of the classroom is through making computer games. The non-profit Oregon Game Project Challenge exists to provide an annual competition for students to strive to make the best games. This requires teamwork and the melding of all of the required skills so is well positioned to help keep STEAM at the forefront.

Arian Kulp

Affiliation Oregon Game Project Challenge
Website http://www.ogpc.info/

Arian is a software developer and father of two who is passionate about making technology more accessible to the masses.

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